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Our Mission

Lena Lattig, Ph.D.

Beth Lattig, M.S.

studied nutrition to help her son, who suffers from an immune system disorder.  While earning her master’s degree, she developed a deep respect for food based on how it can help us heal, keep us healthy, or, when misused, become our own worst enemy.  Her goal is to teach people how to use food to promote health and vitality.    

Today, we live in environments that contain an unprecedented number of disease-causing stressors.  Eating well to counteract the toxins that bombard our bodies is more important than ever before. Using an integrative approach to nutrition, we analyze your current diet in order to show you how best to bring your unique system into balance. Our reports incorporate the wisdom of the whole, organic, live and raw food movements in providing nutritional plans that afford optimum health.

became interested in nutrition when studying neuroscience at the graduate level and researching the effects of pesticides on the brain. As a former professional athlete, she is dedicated to helping others maintain a healthy, optimally functioning body.

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